June 24, 2013

The Last Thing

A&Z are potty-trained, drink out of an open cup, go to school and the list of "big kid" milestones goes on and on. The last hold-out was the cribs. We were proud members of the "cribs for life" club because we didn't want to mess with the great sleepers we have trained. The girls have been able to climb out for several months now, but with a few warnings and consequences, they were staying in their cribs. Still, it just felt like time so we took the sides off of the cribs this weekend.

They picked out new bedding at the store (ladybugs for Lexi and owls for Zara) and are super excited to be in beds. Tonight is the third night and they are doing great, no issues with staying in bed. I'm wondering if this good luck will last? Its so nice to be able to snuggle with them when we are giving goodnight kisses and singing bedtime songs.

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