April 28, 2011

Nursery, Mission Accomplished.

*** Updated post showing the bookcase in the playrooms is here.

Ok, I realize that the girls are almost a year old, but we finally put up curtains in their room so it is officially done! The curtains are lined with blackout material so they keep most of the daylight out when they are sleeping.

Bedding and curtains: Pottery Barn Kids
Cribs: Graco Ashleigh
Dresser: Craigslist
Bookcase: Custom made by Marcus (knock-off of PBK using plan from here)
Chair: Best Home Furnishing - purchased at Goodnight Room

April 24, 2011


Untitled from Natalie Shirzad on Vimeo.

Gymboree Fun

Stephanie Klein just sent me a few pics that she snapped of the girls at Kyle's birthday party - remember this bubbles video? Most of these are of Zara - I think Lexi was off having too much fun crawling and climbing.

April 20, 2011

Happy Easter!

These two little flowers are growing like weeds, but we think they are pretty cute!

Zara (left) and Alexandra (right), 10 months

April 19, 2011

Toys: 0 - 12months

In this post, I shared my list of essential baby gear and necessities, basically a registry guide. Now that my babies are rapidly approaching the end of the first year (sob), I'm going to share our favorite toys for the first year. We have a lot of toys, but many of them do not hold their attention for very long and/or have very little repeat play value.

1. Sophie the Giraffe - yes, this is a trendy, spendy toy, but it is so worth it. The girls loved chewing on it more than anything else and still play with it.

2. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes - on the annoying music scale, this is pretty low and its really easy for little hands to grip.

3. Green Toys Stacker - we have other stackers, but this is the favorite. The girls don't really stack it yet, but they love to chase the rolling pieces and chew on them.

4. Tiny Love Playgym - This thing saved our sanity from 2-6 months. The girls spent a lot of tummy and back time playing with all the toys (and letting us get other things done). It really helped them start to reach for and grab toys. They still play with the big mirror.

5. FP Rainforest Jumperoo - This jumper is a standalone version with lots of toys and keeps the girls very entertained for as long as I will allow them to stay in it.

6. FP Learning Home - In the last few months, the girls have really started playing with this a lot. They open the door and crawl through all the time, ring the doorbell, open the windows, stand up and play with the parts on top. This toy is entertaining for hours and months on end. I would say that this is a great toy (if you have the space) for the 9 - 18 months age.

7. LeapFrog Table - We just recently purchased this (used) and the girls love to stand up on it and play with all the music toys all day long. The legs come off so younger babies can use it too.

8. SoftPlay mini crinkle fabric books - These were/are a huge favorite. They are the perfect size for little hands, make a great crinkling noise and have rings in them so you can attach them to the car seat or stroller seat.

April 10, 2011


We all went to Kyle's 1st birthday party today at Gymboree. The girls really had a great time and especially loved the bubbles.

from Natalie Shirzad on Vimeo.

Lincoln City

We've always enjoyed living within driving distance of the Oregon Coast. Lincoln City, in particular, has a great combination of shopping, beach and seafood. So a few weeks ago, itching to get outta town, we headed to LC for a Sunday. The plan: play on the beach and hit the outlet mall.

The girls slept most of the drive there, but Zara woke up about 20 minutes before we reached the mall. I climbed to the backseat and sat in the middle and gave her a bottle - nothing out of the ordinary. We pulled up at the outlet mall, I unbuckled her from her car seat and pulled her out, ready to hand her to her daddy who was waiting at the open door. If your going to be sick, its best to lean out the side of the car, ya know? Apparently Z did not know, because she threw up the entire contents of that bottle all over me! It was colossal - it went down the inside of my turtleneck sweater and all over my hair (and the car too).

We spent a while cleaning ourselves (and the car) up. I was very glad for the extra clothes I keep in the diaper bag for the girls. This was my first experience with a baby vomiting on me. I guess it was bound to happen sometime. We still did some shopping, but it was hard to enjoy the experience with the aroma of puke still wafting from my hair.

To top it all off, it started pouring rain and did not let up. We headed back to Portland without even going to the beach! There are outlet malls much closer so it felt like a much longer trip than necessary.

I posted a quick status update about this a few weeks ago. I was reminded about it again yesterday when I looked in the rear view mirror of my car and noticed a big white smear of vomit still caked to the seat. Gross. I guess I should probably clean that sometime soon.

April 7, 2011

Twins in the Kangaroo Pouch

This post is for the mamas with newborn twins. Here are a couple of pics of the girls both swaddled in the Kangaroo Korner fleece pouch. It is so easy to take on and off. When they both wouldn't stop crying, I would pop them in and get some chores done around the house or bounce on an exercise ball - anything with motion! They loved being close to me and each other.

Make sure you have them swaddled tight first. Then put one baby in and move them over to the high side, then pop the other one in. I've heard that they stopped making these pouches recently, but you can still find them on Craigslist and kids resales or consignment stores.

April 4, 2011

Moroccan baby food

I really enjoy making the girls' pureed baby food and happily/sadly that is coming to an end as they are eating mostly table foods now. They are still enjoying the purees I have already stocked in the freezer. This recipe is one of their favorites (and I think it tastes good too!) I adapted it from here.

Moroccan Puree

peeled/diced sweet potatoes
baby carrots (I use the baby carrots because I don't have to peel or chop)
white beans (canned or cooked)
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 - 1 tsp cinnamon
chicken broth or water (enough to cover about half the veggies in the pot)

1. Place all ingredients in pot and bring to boil on high
2. Turn to low and put lid on - let simmer for 45 minutes (or until veggies are very soft)
3. Using stick blender, blend to desired consistency

I don't use specific measurements for the ingredients, but try to use equal parts of the main ingredients. I save a bit in the fridge for 2 days worth and freeze the rest in single portions (silicone ice cube tray or muffin tin)

April 2, 2011


Lexi has long enough hair that I managed to coerce it into two little pigtails. So cute. Marcus came home from work and said now she actually looks like a girl. This would explain why Zara's face in the background says, "Can you make me look like a girl too or what?" Her hair is just a bit shorter, but soon Z.