April 26, 2014

38 Weeks

We are in the homestretch now! I'm still feeling pretty good and just trying to soak up as much rest and time with Lexi and Zara as possible. Even though "it's just one baby" I know she will make things more chaotic at least until we get into a new rhythm with three kids. The baby room is pretty much ready since we are reusing most of the twins' nursery furniture and decor. I bought a few new baby clothes because I can't resist baby girl clothes. Feeling like I'm forgetting something, I asked a few of my friends that each have three kids what else I need to do and the best advice was "put a bottle of wine in the fridge to chill for when you get home." Brilliant.

No signs of labor yet so we are wondering if this little girl is going to come sooner or later. I do have a backup c-section scheduled for May 16th, but I would love to do a vbac so hopefully I will go into labor before the 16th.

People keep asking me how this singleton pregnancy compares to my twin pregnancy and honestly it is still just so much easier and only slightly uncomfortable. I had a very easy twin pregnancy without bed rest and delivered by 36 weeks, but I had to stop working towards the end and was so swollen and just huge and sat on the couch for most of every day towards the end. This time I'm definitely slowing down a bit now and taking more naps, but still pretty much keeping up with the two three year olds, working, cleaning and cooking and doing all the normal life stuff.

Zara and Lexi are very excited and talk about their baby sister a lot. Yesterday when they got home from school I asked Lexi if she missed me and she said, "No, but I missed the baby!" Ha! Then earlier this week I heard them arguing in the playroom and Zara said to Lexi, "You are not my favorite sister anymore!" and Lexi retorted, "Well the new baby sister is going to be my favorite sister!" Let the threesome drama begin.

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

So glad the weather cooperated for us today. Zara threw a little fit about wearing her nice white sandals this morning and ended up wearing her favorite "zebra shoes" (dirty Vans), but at least she wore the pretty dress I picked out. Perspective, right? 

We went out for a nice family brunch by the lake and stuffed ourselves silly with chocolate  covered strawberries, waffles and so much more. While we were at brunch, the Easter Bunny paid our house a visit and hid two fun-filled baskets for the girls. Now we are all taking naps and will do another egg hunt in the backyard later. 

It feels like we are kind of on baby watch already, even though we actually have a few more weeks until my due date. I think everyone expects baby girl to arrive early since the twins were early, but we may be in for waiting a while longer. My goal was to make it to Easter to avoid having another preemie and now I would really like to make it to May :)



The Easter Bunny was here

April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt PNW Style

Well the weather didn't really cooperate, but we still had a great time at the Easter Egg Hunt. That poor Easter Bunny was almost knocked over with hugs from these two. The rain broke right when we got there so we avoided getting drenched. After Lexi and Zara collected eggs, we turned in all the eggs for a little bag of candy. At this age, the fun was more about collecting as many empty eggs as possible and not so much about the candy. 

Tomorrow we will get dressed up and go out for Easter brunch, followed by another egg hunt at our house and Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny. These girls are so spoiled and it is so much fun! 

Lexi waiting to hunt

Zara - so excited

Easter Egg Hunt 2014 from Natalie on Vimeo.