July 9, 2014

Ariana is 2 months

Oh where does the time go? With the twins it was newborn groundhog day over and over for the first three months so it felt like it lasted forever. Ariana is much more along for the ride and fitting right in with the rest of the family so it feels like she is growing so fast.

She is such a happy sweet baby. She naps well during the day, sleeps thru the night, eats well and happily plays on the playgym mat. We are getting more and more smiles from her and it is pretty much the best thing ever. Zara loves to sing her songs that go on and on so we are all glad Ariana is a captive audience.

Her 2 month stats are:
10 lbs 10 oz (35th percentile)
23" (70th percentile)

Fourth of July

We had a very low-key fourth. Holidays always make me wish we lived closer to family to get together. Lexi and Zara made our favorite patriotic dessert and we went to the local neighborhood parade. It was the first ever parade for the girls and they loved it. There were horses so Zara was happy. There was also a Frozen themed float (they threw ice) so Lexi was happy and everyone threw them lots of candy. Zara quickly learned, "If I wave and jump up and down, they throw more candy!" Of course they ate a few pieces and forgot all about it so really its the parents that really win (or lose if you consider the dental impact).

Annual Beach Trip

For the third year in a row we headed to Rockaway Beach for a weekend of fun with good friends. After three years, its a tradition now! We had a great time as always relaxing, walking on the beach and playing in the sand.