January 24, 2010

17 Week Update

How far along? 17 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: +6   Finally started gaining weight these last two weeks.

Maternity clothes? Yes, definitely wearing maternity pants/jeans now and just wearing the longer tops I already had.

Sleep: sleeping and napping, usually sleeping pretty well, but I am getting tired of lying on my side all the time.

Best moment this week: feeling better is definitely awesome

Movement: yes, feeling lots of movement after I eat

 Food cravings: orange juice and cheese

Food aversions: no aversions, except the smell of raw meat cooking. gross.

Gender: unknown, we will know in a couple weeks and can't wait to find out!

Labor Signs: still none and let's keep in that way

Belly Button: in

What I miss: sleeping on my back and stomach

What I am looking forward to: seeing the babies again tomorrow at our doctor appointment (they use a small ultrasound machine to check the heartbeats at each visit)

Weekly Wisdom: enjoying the peace and quiet while it lasts

Milestones: Nothing really, just another week of progress

January 20, 2010

Here Comes the Gear

We made our first baby gear purchases today - two baby Bjorn front carriers. A friend at work had two in great condition and gave me a great deal on both of them. Now we can go out and about and each carry one baby.

Mustafa spent a productive day off on MLK Day re-organizing the office to help clear out the baby room. He also put up some shelving in the office closet so we have more storage space for the boxes that moved out of the baby room closet. I always love clearing out clutter, especially because I know we have lots of gear moving in soon.

January 12, 2010

Quick Comebacks

I am reading a book called Double Duty that is a somewhat humorous guide to raising twins.

Quick Comebacks to Annoying Questions and Comments:

1. Comment: "Twins? I'm sure glad they're yours and not mine!"
Comeback: "Me Too!"

2. Question: "Twins? How do you tell them apart?"
Answer: "I look."

3. Question: "Twins? God bless you!"
Answer: "He did. Twice."

4. Question: "Are they twins?"
    Answer: "No. He's an only child. Who's your eye doctor?"

January 9, 2010

15 Week Update

Well, I have been kind of lazy updating this, but hopefully I can keep with it a little more often now that I am feeling better.

How far along? 15 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: +2
Maternity clothes? not yet, but my options from my regular clothes are getting limited
Sleep: sleeping and napping, but starting to get more energy
Best moment this week: starting to have more of an appetite
Movement: yes, feeling little movements
Food cravings: still nothing really
Food aversions: no aversions
Gender: unknown, we will know in a month!
Labor Signs: none
Belly Button: in
What I miss: running
What I am looking forward to: finding out the gender
Weekly Wisdom: just trying to live in the moment
Milestones: starting to see a little prego belly this week