June 24, 2011


Well, I coerced the littles into taking a few decent pictures for their daddy's present, It was like managing triplets - Lexi, Zara and the letters! Supplies were "A" and "D" cardboard letters from Michaels. Remember, you only need one "D" - you can re-use it. Maybe I'm the only one who almost bought two of them... I painted them with some red poster paint I already had. Take the pictures and frame. Voila!

June 23, 2011

Father's Day

Sunday was technically Mu's second Father's Day, but the girls were just two weeks old last year and we were in preemie-twin survival mode so we didn't do anything special. Well maybe we did, but I can't remember.

This year we still kept it low key, but managed to make it out of the house to Lee Farms with the Loprinzi/Potts crew.

Lexi in the front, Z in the back

Feeding the goats

Kids looking serious, but they loved that play structure

dads and kiddos
Wow, a lot changes in a year. Here is a pic from the same day last year.

June 18, 2011

Daddy is the Best

A&Z are the luckiest little girls ever because they have the best daddy!
He is so loving and giving and just loves his girls so much. I hear so many stories of dads (especially those of twins) who have a hard time taking care of babies, but M loves all the time he gets to spend with them and always tells me "they are a piece of cake" and "stay out longer if you want." I couldn't ask for anyone better to take this crazy parenthood roller coaster with!

Happy Father's Day to the best daddy and husband these lucky three girls could ever imagine!

June 11, 2011

Zoo Trip

On Saturday, the 4th (A&Z's actual birthday) we went to the zoo with Lydia, Michael and Benjamin. We arrived early in the morning and enjoyed the zoo before it was too crowded or hot.

Marcus feeding Lexi to the lion



Zara - so happy to get a break from sitting in the stroller

Zara taking off 

Our clan - organized chaos

petting the goats

riding the horses

watching the sea lions

Lexi back at home 

Playing with their present from us - a water table

 After the kids went to bed, we started getting ready for the party the next day.  I started frosting the cakes and put these two to work on the balloons.

Lexi and Zara Turn One!

We had a great time celebrating Zara and Alexandra's first birthday! Enjoy the pictures (note: click on pics to enlarge)
White cake with strawberry filling - little owl smash cakes for  A&Z

Zara and her Bebe Jan

Lexi and her Aunt Lydia

Mukunda, Emily, Payton and Keira

Drew, Ben and Michael playing with water

Zara and her grandparents

Zara diving in

I don't mess around

Hmmm, did I go to far? 

the aftermath

Lexi and Marcus

Lexi washing cake off

Playing in the water table with cousin Ben

Sophia and Ben test out some toys for their little cousins

Playing with balloons after a good nap

Zara and Grandpa


the Shirzads

Shirzad grandkids

Ahns and us

Thanks to all who came from near and far to celebrate with us and thanks to everyone who sent me pictures to make this post possible!