March 30, 2014

34 weeks

I am 34 weeks with baby #3 now. Its starting to get a little uncomfortable, but nothing too bad and still sleeping well most nights. 

A&Z are spending the weekend in Yakima with the grandparents so Mu and I have been enjoying a relaxing weekend at home - sleeping in, going out to dinner, running errands and shopping at Target for as long as I want. Of course last night we stopped at Home Depot and Target because we had a little bit of time after dinner before our movie started. Then M worked on installing the bathroom sinks after we got home from the movie. Such a glamorous life installing faucets at 10pm on a Saturday night! 

Here is the side by side comparison at 34 weeks (twins on the left, singleton on the right). I had the twins a week later so its a little crazy for me to think about going 6 more weeks to term with this one. Only time will tell. 

March 20, 2014

Crowns and Gymnastics

The girls' version of heaven is going to the craft store and picking out a "project." We stopped by earlier this week and Zara picked out a foam crown and foam animal stickers. Lexi picked out a foam tiara, princess pony stickers and a foam wand. Unfortunately the wand somehow didn't make it home, but we did pay for it so not sure what happened there. She didn't get too upset over its disappearance, likely because we have about five other wands. they spent at least an hour decorating the crown and tiara. Here they are admiring their masterpieces. 

For the last few months Lexi and Zara took a weekly gymnastics class. They loved it. Its a great program that is really engaging and age appropriate. Today was the last class of the session. Here they are with their certificates of achievement!

We are going to take a little break from extra activities until summer since baby sister's arrival should keep us all busy until then. When I ask them what their favorite sport is and what they want to do again (they have taken ballet, swimming and gymnastics), I get different answers each time and no strong preference at this point for one over the others. We will probably go for swimming again next because that is a necessary life and safety skill. 

Happy Persian New Year and First Day of Spring!

March 3, 2014

Let It Go

The girls, especially Lexi, are obsessed with the movie Frozen. Here is Lexi singing one of the songs, "Let it Go."

My MovieLexiLetItGo from Natalie on Vimeo.