October 14, 2014

The Morning Race

I went back to work at my part-time gig a few weeks ago. The morning race to get to work is becoming more routine, but man it still takes forever! Before KIDS I would wake up, take a shower and get dressed and get to work about an hour later. Now it is more like three hours and some days I have to laugh to keep my Type A self from crying at the inefficiency of it all. This was today:

6:00 am: I hear Ariana wake up and start to talk on the baby monitor. I lay in bed with my eyes closed for a few more precious minutes.

6:10 am: Ariana is starting to fuss so I roll out of bed and walk to her room. I get her up and nurse her in her rocking chair. My eyes are closed for a few minutes and then I read my Facebook on my Kindle while she finishes feeding.

6:30 am: Put Ariana back in her crib to go back to sleep and hop in the shower.

7:00 am: After I get dressed (happy that the first outfit I pick out works with my nursing/post-baby body), go downstairs and eat leftover fritatta, roasted beets and apple slices for breakfast. Really thankful for breakfast leftovers.

7:15 am: Pack up bottles and diapers for daycare, my work bag, pumping bag and start loading things in my car.

7:30 am: Just as I was headed upstairs to wake up the baby to leave, Lexi and Zara come out of their room and M is in the shower. The girls both whine about minor injuries they have already suffered in the 30 seconds since they woke up so I calm them down and usher them downstairs. Neither one of them is dressed, but Lexi has her clothes in hand so I help her get dressed.

7:40 am: I throw together breakfast for the girls - leftover pancakes and greek yogurt with honey and get them settled at the table.

7:45 am: I wake up Ariana, change her poopy diaper, get her dressed for the day and nurse her one more time.

8:00 am: Put Ariana in her car seat and say goodbye to M and the girls. Brush Lexi's hair because she whines that she "only want's Mommy to do it." {M will finish his own "race" to get the twins to preschool by 8:30}

8:05 am: Finally in the car leaving the house with Ariana and notice my gas light is on.

8:15 am: Drop the baby off at daycare. She gives the morning teacher big smiles, sweet girl.

8:30 am: Traffic is actually moving pretty well and I get to the gas station quickly. Sit and wait for the attendant and wish I lived in a state where I could pump my own gas.

8:40 am: Hop on the freeway and go about a mile before I'm sitting in traffic on the freeway. Awesome.

9:00 am: Pull into the office parking garage and it's full. I circle the six floors of the garage in hopes that someone is leaving. No such luck. Finally get out of the garage and park several blocks away in two-hour street parking.

9:20 am: Take the elevator up to my office, get a cup of tea and sit down to answer emails and decompress from the morning. Now I just have to plan when I'm going to pump and when I'm going to move my car in between my morning meetings.

The mornings with three kids are hectic for sure, but I'm thankful for a husband that works at home most days and helps get kids ready and take them to preschool. I'm also thankful for a baby that sleeps through the night most of the time so at least I'm somewhat rested and not totally sleep deprived. My job is pretty flexible with arrival times unless I have a meeting scheduled first thing in the morning. I know you "just do what you gotta do," but I'm not sure I could do it all on my own full-time like so many mamas do. Huge kudos to all that do.

October 9, 2014

5 Months

Our little pumpkin is five months. She is just the sweetest baby girl ever. Lately when I put her down on her back on her playmat she will roll over onto her tummy and then start complaining that she doesn't want to be on her belly. I think she is so proud of her new rolling skills that she doesn't think too far ahead. Silly girl.

Ariana started going to daycare a couple of days a week when I went back to work last month and she is finally adjusted and seems to really love the ladies that watch her there. 

She usually sleeps 7:30 to 7:30. Most of the time she wakes up to nurse around 6am and then goes back to sleep. She takes two naps a day and feeds about six times per day. We are still swaddling her since she sleeps so well and seems to like it. She is really interested in food and gives us the stare down during dinner time, but we are waiting until she hits six months to start giving her solid foods. 

Her favorite toy is still her hand and fingers that she has in her mouth all the time. She doesn't really suck on a pacifier much, but she likes to play with the wubbanub pacifier too. Little miss is long and lean (just like here sisters were as babies) and is wearing mostly 6 month and 6-12 month clothes. 

We are so blessed to have this sunny girl in our lives. 

October 7, 2014

Sunny Pumpkin Patch Fun

My sister and her family came for a visit and we all made a trip to our neighborhood pumpkin patch.