May 31, 2010

35 Weeks and Counting

The belly is measuring at 48 weeks! If you have seen me lately, you probably noticed that I am down to about 3 shirts that fit :)

May 21, 2010

34 Week Update

Well we are getting towards the end now.. yipee! We are excited to meet our girls and I am super excited to be done with being a prego marshmallow. Today was my last day of work and I am on orders from the doc to take it really easy and spend my time resting with my feet up. My blood pressure has been getting higher and I am swelling like crazy! Look at those sausage fingers!  No official complications but she said my body is saying to rest! Ok, I'll try :)

In other baby news we also had an ultrasound today. It might be the last one depending on whether we make it to 37 weeks. Baby A is 4 lbs and Baby B is still breech and is 4 lbs, 3 oz. It is pretty doubtful that B will turn so all signs point towards a c-section. If they don't decide to pick their own birthday between now and then, they will be evicted at 38 weeks. The short-term goal is 36 weeks for full lung development and to put some more meat on these little girls ( I have plenty of meat on me, thankyouverymuch). I have not had any signs of labor so making it past 36 weeks is realistic.

So I will be chillaxing at home for the next 2-4 weeks if you want to call and keep me company.

May 11, 2010

Babies Shower

Sara and Lydia hosted a great shower for the babies and I. It was so much fun! It was held at a cute little cafe in SE Portland. Here are some pics:

In the middle of the games. That was some yummy punch too!

Some of the Shook ladies :)

And that is all I'm posting because my double chin stole the show in the others :)

Thanks again to the best friends and family ever!

May 3, 2010

31 Week Update

We had ANOTHER ultrasound a few days ago ... I sound like a broken record. There is a lot to monitor with ultrasounds for identical twins (discordant growth, placenta blood flow, amniotic fluid levels, etc). Our perinatologist increased the ultrasound frequency to every three weeks. It was four weeks until recently. We also now see our OB every week.

The great news is that everything is going well and there have not been any complications! Baby A is 3 pounds, 4 ounces and Baby B is 3 pounds, 6 ounces and both continue to look healthy. Baby B is still breech and is actually sitting right on her sister's head. Apparently this is nothing to worry about, but it will be interesting to see if Baby B ends up having a dominant personality.

Both the OB and the Peri were very impressed with the health of the girls and that I am still working full-time and doing well. Yay! My doctor said she is predicting we make it to 38 weeks (the "best-case scenario" time frame) with the babies reaching 6 pounds each. Great for the girls, yikes for me!

I am starting to experience some swelling, but I guess that is to be expected and its nothing too bad yet. Sara and Lydia threw me a great baby shower Saturday so I will post pictures as soon as I collect them from all the photographers that were there.