April 25, 2015


Tulips are in a fierce battle with peonies for my favorite flower, but the tulips arrive first so what can  I say? For the first time ever (only took 12 years) we visited the Woodburn Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival today. It was gorgeous and sunny and we all had a blast. We saw the beautiful blooms and shared an elephant ear. Lexi and Zara rode ponies and jumped on huge trampolines. Then we headed a little bit farther east to Silverton and had the BEST authentic Mexican food at Los Girasoles. I will find a reason to go back there for sure.

April 15, 2015

Grandparents Day

There was a Grandparent's Tea at preschool last week, complete with a musical performance. Zara told me with big serious eyes, "Mom, if your grandparent isn't there, you can look at a different grandparent." Since Lexi and Zara's grandparents couldn't attend, we took a video for them. My favorite part is "our parents need a break.." Cheers to that!

P4080236 from Natalie on Vimeo.

11 Months!

This post is a few days late, but I took the pictures on the right day last week. I know everyone says this, but I seriously cannot believe this little baby of ours is going to be ONE. Well I can believe it because she is babbling up a storm, cruising everywhere, into everything and keeps us all entertained. She loves playing with her big sisters and is pretty good about keeping a low profile and not acting too much like a baby so they don't kick her out of their club. The three of them sit at the kitchen table during meals and take turns being silly and making the other two laugh. Her big sisters tell me all the time, "Ariana is the cutest, best baby ever." And I have to agree!