October 31, 2011

Twin Playgroup Halloween

We hosted the 2nd annual playgroup Halloween party last week. Here's a flashback to last year:

Wow, what a difference a year makes.

And all the mamas too!

Thanks to Lindsay, our awesome nanny (see below), we all were able to be in the picture and this mama was pretty relaxed too!

October 10, 2011

Roloff Farms

We visited the Roloff Farms pumpkin patch yesterday with some good friends. You might know the Roloff's from their TLC show, but they also run a really nice pumpkin patch on their farm. We had a great time so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. (Translation: I'm lazy)

In case your wondering, I did spot Zach Roloff (the little twin) when we were leaving, but we didn't talk to him.

October 8, 2011

16 Months

Watching the bus
Our little girls are running everywhere these days. Often away from me.With a naughty laugh looking back over their shoulder. They are adorable, talkative, opinionated, outgoing and busy. I'm thinking this is perfectly normal 16 month old behavior. Its exhausting.

The picture above shows part of our morning routine. Usually they wake up just in time to see the school bus picking up kids in the neighborhood around 7:45. The are obsessed with the bus and run to the windows anytime they hear it yelling "buuuhhhhhhhhssssssss!" Good thing the various school buses drive by our house eight times every day.

Zara is laid-back and sweet. She has the cutest chuckle and it usually comes out when we spread our arms out and say "give me a hug". She runs to me and chuckles and my heart melts right there. Z loves to organize and stack. She is not so laid-back when her sister tries to interfere with her stacking plans. They both are learning early how to get along with each other and it is remarkable how little they fight considering everything. Once in a while when she's had enough of letting go happily, Zara will yell at Lexi, "no,no,no,no,no,no" until Lexi gives whatever it was at the moment back. Her favorite words are "qack, qack" for ducks and "cracka" for cracker. I doubt its a coincidence that they are pretty similar words. She also has mama, dada, ball and more in her regular repertoire. Z may also speak Portuguese. I'm not sure because I don't speak Portuguese, but she has some crazy full on monologues with lots of tongue rolls and inflection. 

Lexi is friendly and fiesty. "Hi" continues to be Lex's favorite word followed by more, shoes, purse, peach, bye, ball, bus, baby, book, light, slide, water, milk, Zara, mama and dada. I consider those her real words because she repeats nearly everything else we say from "breakfast" to "swimming". She is definitely a talker so far. Lexi also loves to help and this mama is trying to embrace it. She loves to put dirty laundry in the basket, put toys away, fetch anything and follow just about any directions that don't include confinement. I am learning the advanced arts of distraction with both of them, especially Lexi. Otherwise, we are in for a little protest tantrum. Uh oh. 

A&Z both know most of the common animal sounds. Lexi is totally that kid in first grade that shouts out all the answers without giving anyone a chance... ahem. We also recently started letting them use plates and utensils. Unfortunately the most annoying sound in the world (plastic sippy cups bouncing on the wood floors) continues and has become a one-sided game of incessant dropping. Guess the side? 

On the physical development front, the running and climbing are in full force. Oh, the climbing. I turned around at the park for 2 seconds last week and Lexi was standing on top of a picnic table. Seriously? They are coordinated and brave and love to scale the largest play structure and fly down the biggest slide. Both girls love to dance. Zara does a swaying 70's hippie dance and Lexi does a foot-stompin Irish jig. 

During swim lessons this week (our first class) I chatted with another mom who told me that "having twins would suck". First, um... thanks? I told her that its actually pretty fun and they play together all the time. Whatever annoying mom. When one cries, the other runs to give them a hug - how sweet is that? They stand at their cribs every morning giggling, holding hands and playing with each other's hair. 

We fully transitioned to one nap last month. I say "we" because it took a few weeks for me to get used to getting by without a morning break. It works out well because they now sleep in later in the morning, then we typically get out of the house to a play date/library/park/errands and then back home for lunch and naptime. Its great to have bigger chunks of time to get out of the house. 

What an awesome summer we had. Now we are ready for Fall - pumpkin patches, Halloween, Disney World! 

October 6, 2011

4 Years

On October 6, 2007 we were married and celebrated with all of our friends and family. I am the luckiest girl ever. We've had lots of adventures these first four years and I am so excited for whats in store for the next forty!

Love ya babe - Happy Anniversary!