April 23, 2010

Nursery in Progress

Well, the nursery is almost done. We have the major things taken care of and all that is left to do is decorate those walls and find some organizer bins for the bookcase. Any ideas on wall decor?

Here are some pictures (I am not a photographer so this is as good as it gets!) Click on the pictures to increase size.

April 12, 2010

29 Week Update

Look at that belly! I guess I can sort of understand the "you look like your going to pop" and "that is one big baby" comments I seem to hear every five minutes now that I see this picture. ha!

We had another ultrasound and appointment last week and the girls and I are still doing well. They each weighed in around 2 pounds, 5 ounces and are developing well. And no restrictions for me! Yay!

We took a two-day newborn twin class last weekend. It was really informative, hands-on and we loaded up on practical advice and tips. They even had a mom bring in her two newborn twins for part of the class so we could watch her diaper and feed them. All of us twin parents-to-be asked her LOTS of questions.  The whole process seems daunting and we learned that you definitely need a system and a schedule. I think that really made it hit home for us that this is happening and these girlies will be here very soon!

Other than that we hit up the local multiples group consignment sale and picked up two vibrating bouncy seats, a twin nursing pillow and a double stroller.

April 10, 2010

Wecome Kyle

My partner-in-crime at work, Lyza just had her little baby boy this week. They named him Kyle and he is adorable! Lyza and I had so much fun being pregnant together and complained/vented all the time. It was so nice to have someone to share with. Now she is home with her little boy and I am still prego! Here is a pic of us a couple weeks ago in "cubeland".