November 20, 2009

8 Week Update

How far along?  8 weeks
Total weight gain/loss:   Breaking even so far
Maternity clothes?  I don’t have a bump yet, but I did buy a Bella Band for when my regular clothes start getting tight
Sleep:  Very tired all the time and sleeping 10 hours a night as often as possible
Best moment this week:  Realizing that next week is a 3-day work week!
Movement:  Nothing yet
Food cravings:  Odwalla juices
Food aversions:  Ice cream (so weird considering I usually love ice cream)
Gender:  no inclination one way or the other yet
Labor Signs:  None
Belly Button:  In
What I miss:  Having energy and drinking Diet Coke
What I am looking forward to:   Our first ultrasound appointment in two weeks and telling our family and friends
Weekly Wisdom:  No wisdom here, just trying to enjoy this time and not get too inpatient
Milestones:  Nothing yet