November 9, 2014

Ariana is 6 Months

This girl, oh my, I cannot get over her. She is just the sweetest, easy going baby girl. When I pick her up she hugs my neck tight and buries her head in my shoulder.

We had a rough patch of sleep with her waking up almost every night for a few weeks last month, but now she is back to sleeping through the night. Ariana still sleeps swaddled and takes two long naps during the day. She just started trying some solid foods this week - avocado and squash so far.

I changed my work schedule so I can be home more so she is no longer going to daycare. We are hoping that will mean she gets sick a little less too. She will be home with us most of the time and going to a friend's house once a week. I know how fast these years fly by so I'm excited to be home more with the kids and grateful that my employer and husband are so flexible and accommodating.