November 30, 2013

Giving Thanks

Over the last seven days, this little family of ours drove 7 hours round-trip to Yakima for an early Shirzad Thanksgiving and about 11 hours round-trip to Bellingham for Thanksgiving my with sisters and their families. It was so much fun to spend all that time with family and well worth the driving. I am so thankful for our amazing extended families on both sides and happy we didn't encounter any difficult driving weather either.

I'm a photo slacker this month and don't have any pictures of the Yakima turkey day. The next day we did take the girls to the park to feed the ducks. In the summer these ducks are overfed and turn their noses up at our stale bread, but this time of the year when its 20 degrees out, they are starving and so happy to see us. 

Feeding Ducks in Yakima from Natalie on Vimeo.

In Bellingham, I helped Lydia cook turkey dinner for twenty people and the cousins played all day long. It had been a while since we had all seven cousins (both my sisters' kids plus mine) together. We celebrated Ben and Sophia's birthdays after dinner (both born December 1st) and then took all the little kids to see the movie Frozen the next day. 

this is more realistic...
Zoe and Lexi
Daddy and Zara
gingerbread cookies
Lydia and I with Zoe

November 14, 2013

Baby #3

Say hello to our #3! Its been a long road to get here and we are so excited to be having another baby. Due in May.

November 9, 2013

Halloween Catch-up

Halloween with kids is so much fun. Zara dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and Lexi was Snow White. They were insisting that we dress up too, but we talked our way out of it this time. I took the girls to their preschool party on Halloween morning and then later in the day our good friends came over for dinner and trick-or-treating. This time we made it around a good chunk of our neighborhood, probably about twenty houses. Lexi and I did go home a little early because she got tired of walking and said, "I have enough candy." 

Zara is already talking about what her costume will be next year.