April 11, 2012

Easter Funday

Easter this year was very low-key. Well, the girls did a lot more celebrating this year compared to last year. They had no idea what Easter was a year ago. This year we hung up a "Happy Easter" banner decoration that they were excited to talk about every day for the few weeks before Easter. They also received Easter baskets from Lindsay, our nanny, and another from us that they loved. We did a little indoor egg hunt with them Sunday morning, but they were more interested in opening each egg as they went along rather than collecting a bunch at once. This is likely because I put jelly beans inside and that is a huge treat for them.

We had gorgeous weather here in Portland so we played at the park in the morning, went out for burgers for lunch and then spent the rest of the day playing outside, packing a few boxes and doing yard work. Marcus loves doing yard work and was so excited to spend three hours outside on little landscaping project. Simple pleasures, right?

So we didn't do our usual big dinner event or go out to any activities, but we had a great day as a family.

April 2, 2012

Busy Bag Success

Well, the busy bag swap was a success! A bunch of my MoM (moms of multiples) friends (and a singleton friend too) got together for the swap in February, but I'm late on blogging lately. We all went home with a slew of activities to keep our little toddlers busy.

Here is most of the loot. A few more came in the next week for a mom who couldn't attend the swap.

If you want to see links for all the busy bag activities and how we organized our swap, check out this post.