July 1, 2013

Zara at Three

Our Z girl just turned three years old. She is smart, goofy, focused and so very sweet. Her favorite things to do are color, play "music class" (she is the teacher), read books, swing and climb on our new play structure, watch Daniel Tiger, shop with her play grocery cart with a list and help cook/bake in the kitchen.

Zara is loving preschool so much. She talks often about Teacher Denise and her friend Claire. She usually gets upset when I pick them up from school and tells me "I'm not ready to go yet." There is so much to do at school, she can't get enough of all the different Montessori jobs, playing outside and working in their garden.

Zara has a very long attention span and focus and will spend an hour coloring or doing any kind of art activity. She has a hard time stopping something before she is "finished" (she is usually not finished) and transitioning to something else.  We are working on that one. She thrives on routine, order and rules and can be unnerved if we deviate. I had to coerce her to cross our quiet neighborhood street the other day because she was so upset to be in the road when "only cars go in the road, we stay on the sidewalk!" I definitely do not need to worry about her running into the street.

Still a great eater, Zara will tell you her favorite food is eggs. Her other favorites are bananas, blueberries, mac and cheese, cheddar cheese and black beans and rice. We have a weekly produce box delivered to the house and she loves to see "what the farmer brought us" and asks "did the farmer bring us this peach? How about this plum?" The plums are a hot commodity around here lately. She is usually game to taste and try just about any food, but last month all three of us had to convince her to taste a bite of mango. She quickly proclaimed, "I LOVE mango" so we now remind her about the mango tasting whenever she doesn't want to try a new food.

The other day we had a conversation that went like this: 
Zara: Can I feed the fish? 
Me: No, they don't need to eat right now.
Zara: But they are looking for food. Me: They are always looking for food. I'm looking for food (pretend to take little nibbles from her arm)Zara: (crying) NO, I DON'T LIKE THAT. PEOPLE DON'T EAT OTHER PEOPLE. Clearly three year olds cannot take a joke.

Zara can get a little bossy - she really likes to know the rules and enforce them. It works great because her risk-taking sister can never seem to remember what the limits are :) Never one to miss a beat, Zara is really into backseat driving lately. She is either telling me "slow down, you are going too fast" on the freeway or "go faster mommy" on the side streets. I also usually get lots of advance warnings about any stop lights and what the red/green/yellow means. She also loves to ask me all the street names and whether we are turning right or left. Three is the sponge age for sure!

We love Zara so much. I couldn't imagine my life without her hugs. If I stretch my arms out, she will run into them, anytime without fail. She is so thoughtful, smart and inquisitive. I cannot wait to see who she becomes, but also wish for my little girl to never grow up.

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