April 3, 2013

Easter Sunday

Sunday we woke up to another day of gorgeous weather, hunted for eggs and dug thru the baskets. After a leisurely breakfast we headed to Cannon Beach. What a perfect weekend!


April 1, 2013

Egg Hunting

We had AMAZING 77 degree weather for Easter weekend. I have a bunch of photos from both days so I'll space them out in a few posts this week. First of all, on Saturday I took the girls to an egg hunt put on by our local parks and rec. They did a great job, with five different hunts sectioned off by age group. I was also happy that parents were not allowed inside the hunt area. It gave the kids a chance to really run and find eggs as opposed to having helicopter parents everywhere. Lexi and Zara were somewhat patiently waiting for several minutes to run out and grab the eggs and treats, but when the hunt started they both just stood there looking a little confused. So in the end, they figured it out and each got three or four eggs.
Lexi and Zara

 P.S. I have not been doing a very good job at getting IN the pictures lately. We have four people in the family, duh. Of course the kids are cuter, but I am going to work on getting all of us!

Funnies Lately - March 2013

Zara to me: Where is Daddy?
Me: He went to work.
Zara: Noooo, but I LIKE HIM!!!

Anytime Zara does something nice for Lexi (which is often)
Zara: Lex, can you say thank you?
Lexi: Thank You Zara.
Zara: Your welcome.

Lexi (watching March Madness): I'm tired of watching basketball. Turn off the TV and put it in the compost.