July 23, 2012

Rockaway Beach Trip

We went to the beach for four days at the end of June and... I forgot my camera! There is so much to pack and think of, I couldn't believe I forgot the darn camera. Thankfully it was all ok because our vacation partners brought theirs. Thank you Emily and Mukunda for inviting us to vacation at the beach with you (and for taking so many great pictures). We stayed in little beachfront cabins in Rockaway. Perfect kid vacation because we actually were able to relax and everyone had a great time. Ok, on with the pictures.

Ring around the rosie

The water faucet was the fave toy

Riding the train from Garibaldi

The three stooges (A,K,Z)

Celebrating K's 2nd birthday. Serious business. 

Unwrapping presents is a group event


We visited a little petting farm

Tried out a tractor

Visiting the Tillamook Cheese Factory

Lexi wanted to swim in the ocean

July 10, 2012

Scarlett Remodel - Floors are Done

We have lots of progress here now. The floors are all done. We had new hardwoods (natural red oak) installed in the dining and formal living rooms, refinished the existing hardwoods in the kitchen, eating nook and entry way and replaced all the carpet. We paid a little extra for the waterproof topper on the carpet pad. Somehow I think this will payoff easily with toddlers in the house.

 Its so exciting to see some of our vision coming to life.  The roof is done too, but I don't have a new exterior picture yet.

New raw wood on floors (before sanding and finish)


all furniture moved off of carpet for removal/replacement

waterproof topper on the pad

The rest of our list (in priority order):
  • replacement/repair of several windows 
  • painting kitchen cabinets white
  • finish removing wallpaper in dining room
  • painting exterior
  • painting interior walls
  • furniture/light fixtures/decor (finally getting to the fun stuff!)
  • build backyard garden and extend patio - might be 2013
  • master bath remodel - 2013
  • guest bath and girls bathroom floors - 2013
We put them to work young weeding and harvesting blueberries.

The Fourth

We had a great family vacation at Rockaway Beach with some good friends during the week before  the 4th of July. We came back on the 3rd and enjoyed a day of unpacking, laundry and laziness before heading to a friend's bbq on the 4th.



They were on the swings for most of the afternoon

Yummy cupcakes

This sequence belows perfectly shows the "fun" of being a twin/sibling and also shows the two personalities.
Zara has the flag, very excited!

Still loving the flag

Lexi wants it

Lexi takes it

Zara gives it up happily

Now she wants it back

settles for a cupcake instead