February 27, 2014

30 weeks

Hello third trimester! Everything is going well with this pregnancy and baby #3 so far. I was measuring a couple weeks ahead last month, but now am right on schedule again. We shall see how long that lasts. I ended up failing the standard one hour glucose screening so had to do the whole three hour glucose tolerance test ordeal. I was so annoyed and dreading it, but I made it through it fine and do not have gestational diabetes so that is great news.

February 24, 2014

Big Girls Room

Its been a few months in the making, but the girls "big girl room" is finally done. Lexi and Zara moved in about a month ago, but it took us the last month to finally get the decor up on their walls. This was an empty room with gross ivory walls that we used for storage. Now with baby #3 arriving soon, we are going to continue using Lexi and Zara's old room as the nursery so they were lucky enough to get a new room with new furniture, bedding and decor.

M and I spent at least a few nights debating different beds and measured that long wall several times to see what beds would actually fit. These twin daybeds were some of the shortest and only ones that would fit on that wall so it was meant to be.

This was so much fun, but my nesting brain is ready to dive into finishing up the nursery and the guest room that I painted last summer.

February 15, 2014

Contrasting Art

The differences in identical twins still fascinate me, even as I observe Lexi and Zara daily. The difference in their personalities somehow shows up in almost every art project they do. Painting, drawing, cutting, even cookie decorating are all approached totally differently. Lexi tends to spend a lot of time putting each piece in a precise place. Zara usually piles it on without much attention to placement and much more interest in high quantity.

February 8, 2014


We are in the midst of the biggest snowstorm Portland has seen since 2008. For three days straight the snow keeps piling up. We have about eight inches of powder at our house now with a nice icy top layer of sleet falling outside now. We will likely be snowbound for at least another couple days until it all warms up. We are having a great time playing in the snow, baking, watching movies and playing lots of board games.

Thankfully we had some warning so I stocked up at Costco and we are well prepared with sleds and snow gear from all of our time in Yakima (where snow is normal).
Day 1 snow


Hot chocolate is requested for cold bellies after playing in the snow. Good thing I received lots of fancy hot cocoa for Christmas!


Zara - day 3


Not happy about face planting in the snow

I actually stayed inside baking and cooking the first two days while Marcus and the girls played outside. At 27 weeks pregnant, I don't really have a warm winter coat that fits. Today I barely zipped my rain coat up over my belly and went out to help the girls sled. So much fun! 

MVI 4281 from Natalie on Vimeo.

Tomorrow we might have to break out some toys I have stashed away for birthday presents and call the grandparents on Skype. I can only play Zingo or watch Frozen so many times. Yesterday we made Valentine cutout cookies and made a huge mess with dough and flour. The girls play really well together up in the playroom for an hour or two, but after that we end up breaking out the busy bags, board games and movies.