August 3, 2011

School's Out

I'm singing my own "School's Out" song these days. You know, the classic, No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers dirty looks! Except my version goes like this:

No more formula, no more bottles, no more annoying pumping parts!

It feels like a big adios to babyhood. I stopped breast-feeding and pumping at 6 months, we stopped formula and switched to cow milk at 1 year and now we are done with bottles. A&Z had been down to two bottles per day for a while now - one in the morning when they woke-up and one just before bedtime. They were already drinking milk out of their sippy cups during the day. In late June, we dropped the bedtime bottle and later in July we dropped the morning bottle. It was no big deal to them and makes life so much simpler.

I am beyond excited to pack up all those bottles and simplify life. Can I get a hallalujah?

Ok, now that these girls are walking and we ditched the bottles, I guess they are toddlers? My babies are growing up...

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