June 4, 2015

Lexi is Five!

Oh my goodness this girl is full of personality, excitement and drama. She picked out a new colorful maxi dress last weekend and was very conflicted about whether she wanted to have a party at all because I told her she couldn't wear it to her gymnastics birthday party. This morning she finally came around and said, "I was joking yesterday, I'll just wear a shorter dress for the gymnastics part of the party and then change back into my long dress." Whew, crisis averted. She insists that her $2 flip flops from Old Navy are the most comfortable shoes ever and wears them everywhere she can, including all over Disneyland. I took her to buy new shoes at Nordstrom today because she was complaining all of her shoes were too small and after an hour we almost left without anything because she was so darn picky.

Lexi is very excitable and usually jumps up and down squealing and yelling about anything and everything. The volume in our house is LOUD. At the San Diego Zoo Safari Park last month she chose to make a pressed penny donkey as a souvenir. The rest of the day she exclaimed loudly several times, "Look at this sweet little ass!" and "I just love this little ass." We have our Aesop's Fables book to thank for introducing that word into her vocabulary.

This girls is always right and super stubborn to go along with it. She will often change her mind about something, but instead of admitting she just changed her mind, she insists that we are wrong. It drives us crazy, but it's also hilarious. For example, she will say, "I want the cheese pizza" and then when the cheese pizza comes she will say, "I said I wanted the pepperoni pizza!" and acts like we are all nuts for thinking she ever said cheese.

Lexi loves drawing, puzzles, playing with horses, reading books, dancing and watching Paw Patrol. Her favorite foods are blueberries, strawberries, bananas, popcorn, quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches.

We LOVE her so much!

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