June 4, 2015

Zara is Five!

Zara is our quirky, serious and sweet girl and I just cannot believe how fast five years with her has gone by. She is wise beyond her years and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and details. We get lots of thought-provoking questions from Zara, some that we don't always know the answers to. She is a huge lover of animals (especially zebras, horses, wolves and tigers) and of her family. Pretty much every day she tells me, "You are the best mom ever, I love you so much." She loves her baby sister bunches, always giving Ariana hugs and playing games with her. Lately she has been keeping track of all of Ariana's milestones, reminding me what words she can say and how many steps she took.

Over the last year we decided to cut Zara's hair shorter to help her have her own identity separate from Lexi. She was glad to do it so people would stop asking her and Lexi "which one are you?" Then more recently we went even shorter to a bob right under her chin and it is so adorable on her. She was a little sad at first with how short it ended up being. Lately she is getting so many compliments from friends and even strangers that is boosting her confidence about her hair so now she seems to love it again.

Zara's play really centers around animals. Her favorites are drawing and coloring animals, playing with her Paw Patrol toys and other animal figures, designing and cutting out paper clothes for the animals and watching Paw Patrol and animal movies (like Lion King). She REALLY wants a dog so we may eventually cave on that one, but don't tell her!

Both girls are really into knock-knock jokes lately, but they haven't quite figured out how to come up with a funny punchline. They are  both so talkative that the biggest drama around our house is the fighting to talk, talking over each other and interrupting each other. It is so LOUD!

She loves cheeseburgers, steak, cheese and crackers and fruit.

We LOVE our Zara girl so much.

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