April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

So glad the weather cooperated for us today. Zara threw a little fit about wearing her nice white sandals this morning and ended up wearing her favorite "zebra shoes" (dirty Vans), but at least she wore the pretty dress I picked out. Perspective, right? 

We went out for a nice family brunch by the lake and stuffed ourselves silly with chocolate  covered strawberries, waffles and so much more. While we were at brunch, the Easter Bunny paid our house a visit and hid two fun-filled baskets for the girls. Now we are all taking naps and will do another egg hunt in the backyard later. 

It feels like we are kind of on baby watch already, even though we actually have a few more weeks until my due date. I think everyone expects baby girl to arrive early since the twins were early, but we may be in for waiting a while longer. My goal was to make it to Easter to avoid having another preemie and now I would really like to make it to May :)



The Easter Bunny was here

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