November 27, 2012


Almost every day the girls spend the first hour of nap time talking, singing and laughing. They are tired, but they will each other to keep up with the entertainment. Once in a while I can convince Lexi to quietly read a few books and Zara falls asleep right away. When this happens, Lexi quietly sings songs and eventually falls asleep. 

Usually Zara doesn't fall asleep right away though. She is devoted to her sissy Dexi. Sometimes when it is getting really loud and crazy in there, I go in with a stern voice and tell them to be quiet and sleep. I can see that Zara is SO tired. She usually falls over and whimpers to sleep right when I walk in. Maybe she thinks I am the relief entertainment?

Today she fell asleep sitting up.

I wonder what will happen when we move them out of the cribs and into beds. My desire for control and containment trumps my curiosity in this case. We will have to wait and see on that one. 

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