November 20, 2012

The Power of Paint: Kitchen Progress

Update: to see the finished kitchen check out this post.

Marcus spent a little over a week tirelessly painting our kitchen cabinets white. I have been pinning white kitchens for a while now and the minute I saw this kitchen, I knew it needed to be white. So he decided to start tackling it while the girls and I were gone last weekend.

Don't let me mislead you though, it took several days to finish, not just a weekend. We both spent the night hours of 7:30 - 10:30 (after the girls went to bed) every day last week painting (me the frame and drawers, him the cabinet doors).  Finally this weekend we painted the walls grey.

One late night when we were both tired and still painting we got into a stupid fight about nothing. Isn't that how fights usually happen? I snapped at him for criticizing how I cleaned up a paint drop he dripped on the floor and it went from there. I know, it was late.

Next up is installing hardware on the cabinets and drawers and staining the island a darker brown. Three cheers for handy husbands!

Marcus did a lot of research beforehand and modified a bit as he started. Here is the process we followed:
1. Sanding all surfaces with sanding block
2. Apply deglosser
3. 2 coats Zinner shellac primer (sand in between coats)
4. 3 coats SW satin white paint (sand in between coats)
5. Apply silicone dots on inside of doors for cushion

Plus LOTS of waiting in between all the coats of paint.

We spent the week in various states of progress. First we did the whole process on the upper cabinets and then again on the lower ones. The girls were really great about staying out of the kitchen when we were painting and out of the open cabinets. Thank goodness for small miracles.

Look at the amazing power of paint in the before and after! Goodbye orange fake and bake wood!

After Thanksgiving we will stain the island and install all the hardware. I might even paint that pantry door red. What do you think?

Anyone else paint their kitchen cabinets white? Any tips for making the finish last? Any crazy DIY couple fights?


  1. It looks so fresh and modern! The new fixture over the table helps, too. I love it! And doesn't everyone fight during DIY projects? Isn't that required? :) -Emily

  2. Thanks Emily! Yes, the fights seem to be some sort of annoying requirement...