November 24, 2010


Last Thanksgiving we were delighted to be expecting, but we had no idea that we were having twin girls. We have much to be thankful for this year, indeed. So thankful for all of our family and friends and our two happy, healthy little girls. They have started to show lots of personality.
Lexi is a sweetheart. She loves to smile and it is the sweetest smile. Lexi cuddles into your arms at any opportunity. Her favorite thing to do is jump like a maniac in the Jumperoo. Lexi is our little Rooster who wakes the whole house up with her singing at 6:30 am. Love her!
Zara is full of spunk. We call Zara "ZZ". Marcus started it and it has stuck so far. She loves to watch her sister and will bend her neck backwards just to watch Lexi. Her favorite activity is taking baths. She is known to splash so much that she gets the walls of the bathroom wet! Zara usually tries to sleep in as long as possible in the mornings, preferring to do her choir practice in the evenings.

We love our girls bunches and are so thankful that we get to be their parents!

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