November 29, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Well we had a wonderful holiday with all of the Washington Shirzads and some of the extended family visiting from Texas and France. I'll post some pictures from the festivities in another post, but for now - we are happy to be home. Just so you don't think we always have it all together, a few things to laugh/cry about from the long weekend:

1. A& Z were napping until it started hailing on the drive home from Yakima. Z burst out screaming like she had just lost a limb. I think the noise from the hail scared her. She woke up A who also started screaming. Nothing like sad babies screaming in concert to make mommy want to cry too. Z calmed down and spent the rest of the drive zoned out, but A continued to scream until I started singing. So I sang "The Little Drummer Boy" on repeat for the last 30 minutes of our drive home.

2. The girls slept for 13 hours straight after we got home on Saturday night (They usually go 11.5 - 12). This should have been clue #32 about #3 below.

3. Some dummy (me!) scheduled our family Christmas pictures with the awesome Stephanie Klein for Sunday morning. Note to self: Never schedule pictures the day after a trip away from home. Duh! The girls were still tired and on edge, Marcus was worn out and I was stressed. Yuck. Stephanie was a trooper and hung with us so hopefully we got some decent pics.

4. On the way home from #3 above, we stopped at Subway. I shut my thumb in the door and had to use the other hand to open the door to let my thumb out. Ouch!

5. Today at work I realized I had my sweater on backwards.

I definitely learned a few lessons about how much our little family can handle with holiday/vacation planning!

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  1. Oh gosh - sweater on backwards at work. I cringed about your thumb, but the sweater story, you can tell that for years.