February 13, 2015

My Loves

I love this little family of mine (maybe not so little?) so much, even if they do drive me crazy. It's a Hallmark holiday, but I love the message of Valentine's Day anyway. I got to spend time with Lexi and Zara this morning at their preschool party. We made some fun crafts and devoured cupcakes and other sweet treats. They were so excited to bring their bag of valentines home. Celebrating holidays thru the eyes of four year-olds is so fun.

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  1. SInce I'm a substitute teacher this year, I made sure to sign up to sub in a preschool classroom on Valentine's day because I thought it would be fun... but they didn't get to have any party or anything! I was bummed. The kids didn't realize they were missing anything, since they probably hadn't ever had the chance to compare many different preschool programs. But I was still bummed. Your girls are lucky they got to have a party!