May 12, 2013

Kauai for Four

We just got back from Hawaii late Friday night. The bags are unpacked, but the laundry pile is flying high. We had a GREAT time. If I can find some time, I'll post about our successful airplane rides and favorite Kauai things to do with littles.

Marcus and I went to Kauai by ourselves last year so decided to go back with A&Z this year.

It was a relaxing vacation that pretty much consisted of going to the beach every morning, lunch and rest at the condo, pool time in the afternoon and sometimes dinner out. We had a few other sightseeing adventures and trips to the playground thrown in there, but it was a week of low-key family fun.

Zara and Lexi

Moloaa Bay


Daily siestas

Hanalei Bay


The girls loved the sand-bottom resort pool more than the beach



Lexi and the hula dancers



Mu and Zara hiking

Hiking w/Lexi - "moskittles" were attacking me at this point

We made it (part of the way) 

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