October 31, 2012

Hot Dog! It's Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This is the third day in a row that the Minnie Mice are dressed up. A&Z are getting lots of wear out of their costumes before they get demoted to the dress up bin.

We had so much fun tonight trick-or-treating around our neighborhood with our good friends P&K and just as much fun treating all the kids that came to our house. Our new neighborhood is great for Halloween. Most of the neighbors really get into decorating and lots handed out full size candy bars. We have to step up our game next year! We were cleaned out of candy early and gave out most of A&Z's candy too :) They had a couple pieces tonight and that will probably be it. I might as well get away with it now because they will surely account for it all next year!

Halloween is one of those holidays that is a million times more fun with kids. It was fun dressing the girls up the last couple years, but this is the first year that they were really excited about all of it - dressing up, trick or treating to the neighbors, giving candy out.

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