October 18, 2012


Recent Funnies - I have been writing these down over the last two months because these girls are getting to that age where they say the funniest things and I want to remember them.

Lexi (pulling her hair over her face): I'm hiding. Where's Lexi?
Me: You are so funny.
Lexi: I'm so funny. I'm a clown.

Zara (climbing behind the couch cushions): I'm suck, I'm suck in the couch. (stuck)

Lexi: Bebejan is on a airpane way up there (pointing to sky).
Zara: Not up there. In France.

Lexi: Everybody put on a headband, we are going to a party! (no party on the schedule)

We had a record-breaking dry month in September and not much rain through the summer so it had been a while since the girls saw rain until last week when it finally started raining. Driving in the car it suddenly started pouring and Zara told me, "It's ok Mama, Daddy is just washing the car."

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