September 24, 2012

New Blue

It was a little claustrophobic being taped inside the house with plastic covering all the windows and doors for a couple days, but it was so worth it. With the hardwork of a large crew of painters, our house went from this tired pale grey:

To this. Notice the new roof from July and the red door. We have always wanted a red door. It says, "welcome, come on in." Of course, the red door is only speaking to friends and family. NOT the solicitors ringing the doorbell during nap time.

It took us a few, er nine, different test samples of grey-blue to find the perfect shade. Seeing it all come together makes the trips to the paint store worth it. Even the one where I stood in line for 15 minutes with one kid flailing on the ground and the other running around the store grabbing paint roller packs and paint samples. Oy vey.

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