June 25, 2012

Scarlett Remodel: Progress Above and Below

Lots of "guys" in and around our new house on Scarlett these last couple weeks. The girls love to wave to "the guys" working. For what we are paying for all this work, the toddler entertainment is pro bono. The roofers are hard at work, more wood floors are going in the dining room and formal living room and new carpet will be installed later this week. Yay for progress! Its so exciting to see our vision coming to life.
Bye bye old shake roof

Prepping for the new roof - underlayment

wood floors acclimating

Taking grandma's wallpaper down in the dining room

Demo of the huge fireplace hearth (it took up way too much of the family room)

Wood floors in progress (dining in back, formal living room in front)

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