January 9, 2012

Christmas, Birthdays, Oh My

My mom and Lydia's family came down the weekend before Christmas to spread some Christmas cheer and celebrate our birthdays. In the week before Christmas, Lydia, mom and I all have birthdays. Its a busy month!

So with mom and the Ahns here we played at the Children's Museum, baked and decorated sugar cookies, enjoyed babysitter Yiayia for a night out to see MI4, played games, watched movies and went on a walk. It was a great time together, as always.

Beware: picture overload ahead!

cousins hanging out (Zara, Ben, Lexi)

Lydia and Michael rolling the cookie dough
Everyone got in on the decorating

Twins getting a ride from Uncle Peter

Wagon walk

All the girls

The best pic we got of Yiayia and the kids

Opening bday presents

The entire Ahn family

birthday girls


  1. I can't believe how old Michael looks! What great photos of the family.

  2. Sara - I know, its crazy@ We played Scrabble last weekend with him!