April 10, 2011

Lincoln City

We've always enjoyed living within driving distance of the Oregon Coast. Lincoln City, in particular, has a great combination of shopping, beach and seafood. So a few weeks ago, itching to get outta town, we headed to LC for a Sunday. The plan: play on the beach and hit the outlet mall.

The girls slept most of the drive there, but Zara woke up about 20 minutes before we reached the mall. I climbed to the backseat and sat in the middle and gave her a bottle - nothing out of the ordinary. We pulled up at the outlet mall, I unbuckled her from her car seat and pulled her out, ready to hand her to her daddy who was waiting at the open door. If your going to be sick, its best to lean out the side of the car, ya know? Apparently Z did not know, because she threw up the entire contents of that bottle all over me! It was colossal - it went down the inside of my turtleneck sweater and all over my hair (and the car too).

We spent a while cleaning ourselves (and the car) up. I was very glad for the extra clothes I keep in the diaper bag for the girls. This was my first experience with a baby vomiting on me. I guess it was bound to happen sometime. We still did some shopping, but it was hard to enjoy the experience with the aroma of puke still wafting from my hair.

To top it all off, it started pouring rain and did not let up. We headed back to Portland without even going to the beach! There are outlet malls much closer so it felt like a much longer trip than necessary.

I posted a quick status update about this a few weeks ago. I was reminded about it again yesterday when I looked in the rear view mirror of my car and noticed a big white smear of vomit still caked to the seat. Gross. I guess I should probably clean that sometime soon.

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