May 17, 2018

Young Readers Book List

Using this space to keep track of our fave books at each age. The twins love to read and read a lot so I'm always looking for new books for them. Our library card gets a lot of use!

Kinder/1st Grade:
Magic Treehouse series
Magic Puppy/Kitty series
Ramona series
Amelia Bedelia series
Shel Silverstein poetry
American Girl
Charlotte's Web (read aloud)
The Mouse and the Motorcycle
All Roald Dahl author
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (read aloud)

2nd Grade:
Warriors/Survivors/Bravelands series (Erin Hunter author)
Lemonade Wars series
Mrs. Pigglewiggle series
Little House on the Prairie series
Bridge to Terebithia
Mr. Lemoncello's Library series
Candymakers series
Wings of Fire
Book Scavenger series
Malcom Under the Stars
The Guardian Herd series
Humphrey the Hamster series

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