May 10, 2017

Ariana is Three!

Well I think this officially makes us out of the "baby phase" of parenting? I guess Ariana hasn't been a baby for awhile, but I was still changing diapers until recently so I think that qualifies. It will really feel like a new stage of parenting when she starts preschool in the fall. I'm equally parts excited about the school-age phase of traveling more, more spontaneity without nap time and sad that they are all growing up so darn fast.

We had a fun party with most of our families last weekend. Ariana requested a pink cake, pink balloons and Paw Patrol and we made it happen. She isn't big on sweets so I made a light cake with whipped cream frosting and lots of strawberries (her fave fruit) and she still didn't eat it! The rest of us loved it though and the twins are already begging me to make it for their birthday.


Ariana is so much fun. I always said three was my favorite age. She is getting a little more feisty and throwing a few tantrums, but most of the time she is cracking us up with the funny things she says and does. Her big sisters still think she is the cutest little sister ever. She is SO excited to get to take swimming lessons this summer and maybe some ballet too now that she is old enough. 

She loves Littlest Pet Shop, Paw Patrol, playing games on the Kindle, swinging, bubbles and dancing in her pink dress. She is still a pretty picky eater and loves macaroni and cheese or any kind of noodles, cheese, ham, steak, Goldfish crackers, strawberries, blueberries, greek yogurt, popcorn and french fries. She is about 27 pounds and 37 inches tall and wearing size 3 clothes and size 8 shoes. 

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