February 4, 2016

The Never ending Winter...

 So our first Yakima winter has been snow, ice and more snow. Supposedly "it's not normally like this." Alright. I love the snow, its gorgeous. Especially when the sun is also shining. But I do not need two straight months of it. We have settled into a nice routine with school, swimming lessons and mornings at the gym for Ariana and I. On Fridays, Ariana loves spending the day with her Bebe Jan. I try to get a bunch of work done and volunteer in the girls' kindergarten classroom in the afternoon. Here are some quick January snapshots.

Reading books together before school one morning

Zara asked, "Is it spring yet?"

A fun hike in Issaquah - Poo Poo Point

Pretending they are pairs skaters


Daddy's girl

This doesn't happen too often...

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