August 28, 2014

Funnies Lately (More)

On the green smoothie we had for breakfast:
Lexi: "What is in this smoothie? Please don't say the word spinach to me." 

On fighting over a necklace: 
Natalie: "I don't like it when a toy makes you scream and fight so if you don't start sharing, I will have to take the toy away." 
Zara: "You are going to start a big toy collection and that necklace will be your first toy."

On kissing:
Zara: "Mommy and Daddy, why are you kissing?"
Marcus: "Because we are married"
Zara: "But you already HAD your wedding!"

On whining:
Marcus: "I am so tired of listening to you whine"
Zara: "Well you could just plug your ears you know"

On money in the piggy bank: 
Zara: "I'm saving up all my money for farmer college"
Lexi "That's going to take a really long time. I'm saving up all my money for soccer camp and I will just come visit you at farmer college"

On favorite toys going into "timeout":
Marcus: "Lexi, what's your favorite toy? Its going to go into timeout because you aren't listening."
Lexi: "Um, well, hmmmmm. You can take my Elsa dolls."
Marcus: "No, I'm going to take your horses."
Lexi: "NOOOOOOO!!!"

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