June 24, 2014

Zara is 4!

Zara is so excited to be 4. It is an interesting and entertaining mix of deep thoughtful discussions and whining tantrums. Yesterday she asked me to explain what bacteria is and I'm not sure if I really .

Zara loves animals more than anything else. She spends hours acting out stories with her animals by herself. We gave her a big red barn for her birthday and she is loving playing with all her horses and farm animals in the barn. She also loves lions and dogs. She used to always tell us she was going to be a doctor or a veterinarian, but lately I've heard her say zoo keeper too.

When she is not playing with all of her animals, she likes to read books, do arts and craft projects, ride her bike and scooter, play in her kitchen and go on made up adventures with Lexi. She also loves to play with her new baby sister and is a great helper!

Zara loves playing with Lexi and they usually get along well when Lexi lets Zara be in charge. She is most of all daddy's girl. When Daddy's home, Zara is always with him or trying to find him. When he isn't home, she is asking about him. She loves to snuggle in and read books with us, not happy unless we have an arm around her or she is in our lap.

Her favorite foods are burritos, beans and rice and macaroni and cheese along with almost any fruit.

Here is her annual interview (done earlier this month on her birthday):

Zara 4 year interview from Natalie on Vimeo.

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