March 30, 2014

34 weeks

I am 34 weeks with baby #3 now. Its starting to get a little uncomfortable, but nothing too bad and still sleeping well most nights. 

A&Z are spending the weekend in Yakima with the grandparents so Mu and I have been enjoying a relaxing weekend at home - sleeping in, going out to dinner, running errands and shopping at Target for as long as I want. Of course last night we stopped at Home Depot and Target because we had a little bit of time after dinner before our movie started. Then M worked on installing the bathroom sinks after we got home from the movie. Such a glamorous life installing faucets at 10pm on a Saturday night! 

Here is the side by side comparison at 34 weeks (twins on the left, singleton on the right). I had the twins a week later so its a little crazy for me to think about going 6 more weeks to term with this one. Only time will tell. 

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