February 24, 2014

Big Girls Room

Its been a few months in the making, but the girls "big girl room" is finally done. Lexi and Zara moved in about a month ago, but it took us the last month to finally get the decor up on their walls. This was an empty room with gross ivory walls that we used for storage. Now with baby #3 arriving soon, we are going to continue using Lexi and Zara's old room as the nursery so they were lucky enough to get a new room with new furniture, bedding and decor.

M and I spent at least a few nights debating different beds and measured that long wall several times to see what beds would actually fit. These twin daybeds were some of the shortest and only ones that would fit on that wall so it was meant to be.

This was so much fun, but my nesting brain is ready to dive into finishing up the nursery and the guest room that I painted last summer.

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