July 23, 2013

Lexi at Three

Our Lexi is three now. She is easily excitable, super sweet and loves to have fun. It cracks us up all the time to see how excited she gets (jumping and squealing) over the littlest things. She also gets sad (usually when she gets sent to time-out) and tells us, "I'm soooo saddd right now". Then a minute later, "Mommy, I LOVE that dress!"

Lexi loves to give hugs and kisses and usually finds a lap to snuggle in wherever we are. One of my favorite moments is when I'm tucking her into bed (after she has frustrated me with dancing around naked instead of getting ready for bed) and she wraps her arms around my neck so tight and says, "I love you forever mommy." Melt.

The other day I was wearing a tank top and she noticed my bra strap. "What color is your brawd strap mommy?" "Beige" I told her. "OH! I just Loooveeee beige!" Really, her favorite colors are yellow and red.

She is a girly girl who loves dresses, jewelry and twirling. Twirling requires a tutu or a "twirly dress" according to Lexi. When she walks into my closet as I'm getting dressed she tries to pick out what I should wear and its always a dress or skirt.

Lexi's favorite things to do are read books, swim, paint, ride her bike (fast!), swing and dance. She does a modern dance, interpretive style that is pretty cute.

Lately she is testing limits, saying no and negotiating a lot so we are working on that. She likes to tell me, "Daddy said I could", "I will do it after Zara does it" or "Actually, I'm not going to do that." Clearly she is going to keep me on my toes!

Lexi has her mama's sweet tooth. She loves all fruit as well as anything else she gets treated to, especially ice cream and popsicles. Its hard to only get one popsicle - she always asks for another. Her current favorite fruit is cherries. She learned how to spit the pits into a bowl just like daddy.

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