March 5, 2013

Fighting Over Clothes

Growing up with two sisters, I had my fair share of fights over clothes. I would "borrow" my older sisters clothes without asking when she was a cool high schooler. My little sister "borrowed" my clothes and sometimes we actually shared I think.

Lexi and Zara have a collective closet, nothing belongs to one or the other. They do have a couple pairs of shoes in different colors/sizes because Zara's feet are a tad bit smaller. Recently, they each developed a few favorites that they end up wearing all the time. Lexi's two favorites "the grey dress" and "my favorite dress". She wants to wear these two dresses every day. She only likes to wear dresses, no pants. I make them both wear leggings under dresses for warmth. Zara likes pants and loves "the kitty shirt" and "the whale shirt" and also likes dresses, but is not so opinionated about clothes. Yet.

Yesterday with a mischievous twinkle in her eye Zara chose to wear Lexi's favorite dress. She had never worn this dress before because Lexi wears it anytime its clean. Lexi was already dressed in something else she picked out so I helped Zara put it on. Lexi saw it immediately and screamed, "that's my FAVORITE dress". Zara's smiles and tells her, "Its stuck on ME now!" Lexi got over it, but I'm still chuckling about it. I'm sure I will not be chuckling when this is still happening in middle school.

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