February 21, 2013

The Finished Kitchen

This project is hands-down both the cheapest and the most time consuming in our house to date. As much time as I spent removing that awful wallpaper in the dining room, the kitchen takes the cake (but not for long because I love cake...) 

Since the last post about painting the kitchen, we (my hot hubby) stained the island and command station and installed all the cabinet hardware. It was all done before Christmas and we have been enjoying and loving it for a while now. The blog is playing catch-up as usual.

Before, in all its 1989 glory

We have only spent about $400 total on the kitchen so far (light fixture, faucet, paint, stain), but it has been at least a hundred hours of labor, probably a lot more. Obviously, I'm not counting refinishing the wood floors in that number because that was practically the whole downstairs, not just the kitchen. Eventually we will replace the ancient oven with my dream double ovens, but for now it works ok so we will throw the cash into one of the other 3,914 projects we have on our list!

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  1. Hi!
    Found your beautiful kitchen via Pinterest. Just wondering what color the grey is??