December 14, 2012

Formal Living Room Fireplace

I'm way behind on documenting house projects, but want to show the update I did back in October to the formal living room fireplace. It had this super cheesy wood decal glued on the front. Barf. You can see it in the far right of this picture of the unfinished new floors.

I pried the decal off with a screwdriver first. Then I was left with unpainted wood under the decal. Marcus filled in the indented space with putty and sanded for me. The whole fireplace and a lot of the off-white baseboard/window trim downstairs needs to be painted. The most boring job ever is still pending. So we picked out some bright white trim paint and its first client was the fireplace. Four coats later we have a nice clean white fireplace. So much better!

It took me a few months to take pictures so now we have Christmas mantle decor :) The stockings were not cooperating for pictures, but I am used to non-cooperation for pictures so no biggie to me.

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