September 5, 2012

Two and a Quarter

2.25 years or 27 months. Then I look at a picture like this and feel sad that they are growing up so fast.

I get into the that Type A, taskmaster personality and often forget to live in the moment. I don't remember a lot about that time, but I do remember washing a lot of bottles and pump parts and working to get them to sleep!

Now my little girls are talking, running and negotiating. It is lots of fun to listen and watch them as they repeat new things they learn and become even closer in their relationship together.

Zara has emerged as miss bossypants telling Lexi (and random kids at the playground, etc) to "wait your turn" while shaking her finger at them. A few weeks ago she started putting Lexi in timeout. Lexi wasn't doing anything wrong, but played along in this game. I put a stop to that one. Sheesh. We are working with her on this, talking a lot about being in charge of yourself and not others. She seems to be getting it.

We signed the girls up to take Music Together classes this summer and both LOVED it. They insist on listening to "music class cd" everytime we are in the car and have several of the songs memorized. Zara has a couple of the songs completely memorized and sings them around the house. Her favorite is Two Little Kitty Cats and they both love the Hello and Goodbye songs. They are signed up to start the fall session later this month.

Lexi continues to cement her role as "mama's girl" lately with lots of whining thrown in for good measure. She has a sing-song voice that gets so whiny at the first hint of tired or crabbiness. Yellow is her favorite color - she always requests the yellow barrette, the yellow plate, the yellow cup, the yellow paint and so on. I let her have the requested item within reason. The girl will demand the shirt off my own back if I start sliding down the slope of Lexi demands.

In their sister/twin relationship they continue to play together and function as two little peas in a pod. When they wake up in the morning and from nap, they stand and talk to each other and sing songs together until someone comes into the room. Typical morning conversation:
Zara: "I want to get out"
Lexi: "Daddy is at work"
Zara: "Mommy is at work"
Lexi: "No, mommy is at home"
Zara: "Mommy is home today"
Lexi: "We go to playground today"
Zara: "We go on see saw"

A new dynamic is answering each other's questions and responding more to each other. I'm enjoying this because it alleviates the need for me to respond to every question/comment/demand. Love it!

Here is a smattering of other facts/happenings at 27 months:
  • Favorite foods are all fruit ( especially "plumps", peaches, frozen blueberries), waffles, rice and beans, hot dogs, cheesy pasta, Annie's cheese bunnies, peas and quesadillas. We eat a large variety of food and work to get them to try new foods, but these are the ones they really love. If we have a meal they don't each much of, they tend to fill up on fruit afterwards. We went thru a 25 pound box of peaches just in the last week. They each drink about 12 oz of milk each day too.
  • They go to bed around 7:30pm and generally wake up between 7 and 7:30am. The standard bedtime routine is pajamas, brush teeth, read 4 books with daddy, hugs/kisses and into cribs. They usually nap around 1:30 in the afternoon. The nap can be anything from playing/talking for an hour or more and never taking a nap to sleeping for three hours. I never know what I'm going to get :)
  • We tried potty training in July, but I gave up after a couple days. I tried the cold turkey, no diapers, sit on the potty every 30 minutes routine and Lexi hated me telling her what to do all day, Zara got bored with it and I hated having to watch them constantly and decided to wait and try again later. They were really ready before (showing lots of interest, telling us when they needed to go, etc) but regressed after that and are just now starting to show interest again after a solid month of being anti-potty. They have come to some sort of agreement about who gets which Huggies diapers design on the front of the diaper (they come in 2 different designs in each box) - Lexi demands only Mickey solo and Zara demands only Mickey and Minnie together.
  • The play kitchen continues to be a hit. The girls are into prepping pretend meals of soup, eggs or sandwiches and bringing them to us to sample.
  • The obsession with books continues and they spend more time reading books in the playroom than playing with all of the toys. We acquired another 50+ books this month from garage sales and friends and probably have 200+ total around the house and in the car. A friend commented on the book vomit (an overflowing basket) in the backseat of our car recently and made me realize maybe this is not typical. A&Z have every book memorized and say "we lost a page" if we skip a page. Its a great obsession, except for all the freakouts that their giant stack of books fell over, yelling "the books are falling over" in the car and fighting over books with each other.
  • Lexi decided she didn't want any stuffed animals in her bed recently. Zara still sleeps with "bear" and "puppy". I've offered them both little pillows a few times and they don't want those either so now Lexi sleeps in an empty crib.
  • Playing at the playground, the water spray park, the children's museum, story time at the library, music class and playing with best friend Keira are the fave activities.
  • Whenever I tell them not to touch something, Zara tells me "I just see it!"
  • They both can count from 1 to 10 (sometimes skip from 3 to 6), know all the basic colors and shapes and recognize some of the letters of the alphabet. Their favorites are "Z for Zara", "L for Lexi" and "A for Alexandra". They both recently figured out Lexi's real name, but it sounds like "Asandra" right now.
Ok, I could go on and on, but I'll wrap it up for now. If you made it this far, here are a few smiles for you as reward :)

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  1. "Book vomit" - I love it! Thanks for the shout-out, Miss K loves you, too! -Emily