September 28, 2012

Toddler Toys

As I'm purging through the girls toys (after bedtime, shhhhh!), I am constantly thinking about what toys make the cut. What toys do they actually play with regularly? What toys drive me crazy? I love it when my friends give me recommendations on toys so hopefully this will be helpful to others buying toys for young toddlers. A&Z are 27 months now, but started playing with most of these toys several months ago so these would be good for kiddos 18 months and on. If you have babies, check out our baby toy faves.

1. Play Kitchen

2. Kitchen pans and play food

3. Ladybug Tent (big enough for two toddlers!)

4. Wood puzzles (knob puzzles for under 2 and 24 piece for over 2 (especially the ones that show the picture underneath on the front side)

5. Shopping carts

6. Cozy coupes

7. Water table

8. Dr. Kit (the girls LOVE to play doctor! The stethoscope is the hottest item)

9. Consumable art supplies (crayons, paint, coloring books, construction paper, foam stickers)

10. Books, books, books (gifted, bought at library used books sales and kids resales)

A few favorite stuffed animals are played with in conjunction with everything above. The animals are served play food from the play kitchen, read books in the tent, pushed around in the shopping carts and cozy coupes and receive very regular doctor checkups!

We have LOTS of toys, much more than what I have listed above. The ones I listed above are the "keepers". Toys that have been played with for a year or more in some cases and are played with daily. I purge the toys and books regularly and donate or sell. Otherwise, it gets waayyy out of control!

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