September 27, 2012


Its so true that your kids teach you more than you teach them.

This little girl is so brave. I'm not sure where she learned it. Maybe its because her sister is a little more of a drama queen and she is the yin to her yang in pretty much everything.

Last week was kinda tough for Zara, but you would never know it. She had a mysterious rash on her arm and belly. After the hydro cortisone cream didn't seem to be working, Marcus took her into the pediatrician for something stronger and now it is almost gone. This girly has super sensitive skin.

The girls and Witney ran into a storm of bees leaving the library after story time and Zara was stung twice on the back. She just whimpered. She told me later in her matter-of-fact voice, "The bees stung me and Witney put ice and medicine on my back."

As she was finally getting over a head cold this weekend, the tell-tale sign of an ear infection showed up. Thanks to the tubes in her ear, the infected fluid gets pushed right out so she woke up with ear gunk stuck in her hair.

She didn't let any of this bother her. She happily went to the doctor with Mu and gave us a full report when they came home. She knows the drill and lifts up her arm for the cream and lays on her side so we can put the drops in her ears.

Every night as we walk out of their room at bedtime she yells, "I love you Mommy, I love you Daddy"

Love her so much I can't even stand it.

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